Or at least why you should first do your homeworks

In the last few days, BrewDog, the proudly UK-Based beer brand has received several allegations in an open letter signed by several former employees.

In particular, the letter goes on for over three pages about the toxic and misogynistic environment in the company, the executives bypassing customs to get the beer delivered quicker and the fear and anxiety that all employees were experiencing when working for BrewDog.

This was quite of a shock for me, as I am (or at least I was) a big fan of their beer as well as of their company’s efforts in employees well-being, sustainability…

Read this article if you want to get into the industry

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I have always been passionate about Startup-up, Early-Stage Investments and more generally the Venture Capital world.

I mean, from the outside what is better than spending all day interacting with bright and inspired entrepreneurs that have the vision to change the world for the better and making some billions at the same time?

Encouraged by the tales of fame and money, I spent few months trying to break into the Venture Capital sector.

To put things in context, I have a Master in Economics from a prestigious European university, I spend over five years working in Management Consulting and I…

Why You Should Never Let Anyone Convince You Can’t Do Something

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I recently got my first writing customer, a UK based Startup that hired me as a writer to post on their company’s websites twice a month. They approached me directly because they read some of my work and thought it was very good.

The satisfaction of being recognised as a good writer brought me back to my first job in Management Consulting in London, fresh out of a Master Degree.

A bit of context.

This was my first experience in the corporate world, English is my second language and having studied outside England, I didn’t really have any experience writing…

Why not paying your interns results in more money being spent than being saved.

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This may shock you but interns also eat, live, pay bills, insurance and all the other normal stuff you can expect a normal adult to have to worry about.

How great would it be if all of this could be paid by the “once in a lifetime experience” you are offering to your unpaid workforce?

However, I am pretty sure that Prett does not allow Experience to be used for a morning Latte. Maybe one day, who knows.

Also, I am quite positive that if you ask your doctor to see you for free because he is getting the “once…

AI has the potential to become better than humans at all cognitive task and we cannot predict how it will behave

If you read the title of this article, you may think that I am a Dystopian weirdo who believes innovation and technology are evil and robots will destroy the human race.

Nope, I love everything related to Technology and Artificial Intelligence. I am passionate about Deep Tech and in my work in Venture Capital, I primarily advise and work with innovative companies.

Nevertheless, I am scared. And top technology practitioners including Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates are as well. Let me explain why.

Where we are today: Weak AI

We currently are in the infancy of the Artificial Intelligence revolution. …

What I learned about myself and the Leader I want to be

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I recently finished a six months Leadership course. Before that, although I had worked for a number of years in the corporate world, I had spent little time developing my leadership skills.

During the first session, Leadership was defined as:

“being conscious and intentional about the impact we have on ourselves, our relationships and the social systems we are part of”.

This is often overlooked in the corporate world where people focus on…

What I should have done from Day 1 into my Corporate Job

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I started my career in Management Consulting in London straight out of University. I was working as an Analyst in a big firm and two other people started the same day as me.

One got promoted after 15 months in the job, the other 3 months later.

I had to wait one additional year and this article is about the mistakes that I made and that delayed my promotion.

I was not active enough in meetings

As a young Analyst…

How a number of startups are reinventing remote working

The term metaverse refers to a virtual shared space where people can work, interact and play together in a 3D virtual world that uses augmented reality, fast internet connection, and AI. It comes from “meta” (beyond) and “universe”. Neal Stephenson coined this word in the 1992 novel Snow Crash where he described an enhanced, paradise version of Earth that offered people an escape from the struggles of real life.

Before the pandemic, spending most of the day online was something reserved for videogames-obsessed people. However, the Covid-19 health crisis completely shifted the paradigm of online interactions forcing billions of people…

Read this article if you are thinking about Business School

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As I am sure most of you know, MBA stands for Master in Business Administration, an incredibly expensive management course that lasts between 12 and 24 months and will prepare you for an elite career in the business world.

Many students start an MBA because they want to do the “Triple Jump”, namely changing sector, title, and location. Some people want to go from Marketing to Investment Banking or from Operations to Consulting.

Three Top Tips to pass your Case study during a Management Consulting Interview

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Before starting my MBA at Warwick Business School in September 2020, I spent almost 6 years in Management Consulting in London. Over this time, I worked at three different Consulting Companies (Big 4, Boutique Consultancy, something in between) which means I went through A LOT of interviews (quite a few rejections as well).

As you have probably heard millions of times before, the case interview is the most important part of the recruitment…

Giuseppe Leonello, Msc

MBA student, Strategy Expert and Pizza Connoisseur

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